What to do after graduation?

Several job opportunities for employment after graduation include positions in the food and allied industries, governmental agencies, and educational and research institutions are available. Our graduates qualify for supervisory, technical, applied research, sales and executive positions in processing, quality assurance, process development, product development, marketing, and sensory evaluation in food and biotech-related industries.

The School provides excellent preparation for graduate study in food science, microbiology, agricultural and environmental chemistry, engineering, nutrition, biochemistry, as well as for professional programs such as medical and pharmacy schools. Our bachelor’s degree students are well-accepted for higher education in world class universities in several countries, for example USA, England, EU, and Australia.

Our graduates have found employment with major organizations throughout Thailand and abroad. Some of these organizations include CP groups, Dole Company, McThai, Lotus, Sukishi, Lawson, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, TGM, Thai FDA, Interlim (Japan), and Danone (The Netherlands).

Not only that, our graduates are capable of forming their own startups. Our graduates excel in product development and marketing as well as implying national and international standards. Organic seeds, Krispy Brown and Wangyao are some excellent examples of bioentrepreneurs from Biot ABAC.